ASE(Annual Sunlight Exposure) Glazing Consideration


I have a quick question about ASE analysis for LEED and I would appreciate your help. I realized that in the sample study which exists in Hydra there is no window designed and instead of that it is void. And then I went back to my own analysis and checked the result with and without window and I saw a difference. (With window it was 0% and without window it was 38%) I assumed myself that you always have to simulate the glazing because glass has a protection level but void means nothing. I wanted to ask that was there any reason that there is no window modeled for ASE study in Hydra? Should we not model windows for ASE analysis and if so, why is that?

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Hi @Mitrasdy,

  1. Can you provide a link to the sample on Hydra?
  2. Can you tell us what are you trying to do? Is it for code compliance or to evaluate the design? For code compliance you should follow the code modeling modeling directions.
  3. Having a sample on Hydra doesn’t necessary mean that it is correct or validated.

@mostapha Hi Mostapha,

I hope you are doing fine. Thank you for your response. Here is the link:,0

This is ASE (Annual Sunlight Exposure) for LEED. We are trying to do an analysis of ASE for LEED. The sample has not showed any windows modeled. We compared the results with windows modeled and not modeled, when windows are modeled the result is zero and with void the result was 38%. We were just wondering if there was any specific reason that windows are shown as voids in this example. Should we not model windows for this specific study type? Probably we should, but just wanted to check here.

I would appreciate your response.
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Hi,@Mitrasdy The example is out of data. You can use HoneybeePlus for ASE calculation for LEED.

Here is tihe link and the screenshot of example files.

Hello @minggangyin and thank you for your response.

Sorry for the delay I had a couple of busy weeks. Thanks for the samples. Sorry just to confirm, did you say the sample was out of date? Is that what you meant? So it means that the glass should have been modeled not left as void, correct?

I would appreciate your response.


The answer is yes. HoneybeePlus run ASE calculation with the modeling of glass and blinds. You can try it .

Thank you so much for your response @minggangyin