ASHP combined heating and cooling

Hi @MingboPeng, I’m using Ironbug to model an ASHP to provide combined heating and cooling to heating and cooling coils of AHUs. What is the best strategy to model it in Ironbug? I started from your definition of heat recovery chillers that I found here on the forum, I’m trying to adapt it to my design case but I’m having some trouble.
Attached the script which I’m working on.

Thank you
Michele (713.9 KB)

I think you can start from the template “System 04 Single Zone Heat Pump”

@mich.dimart were you able to figure this out? I’m having the same issue and wasn’t able to find a way to connect the DX Heating Coil to the HW Loop. In OpenStudio I usually use the Heat Pump Water Heater Zone component. Thanks!