ASHRAE 55 Appendix C: ERF Values?

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the set of thermal comfort tools currently included in the ladybug/honybee toolset. I am wondering if there is any component which already outputs calculated values for the ‘effective radiant field’ (ERF) as per the ASHRAE 55-2017 Appendix C method for quantifying the effect of solar gain through glazing on the body?

I see there are lots of terrific tools for calc’ing PPD and PMV but I’m wondering if there is any way to see the underlying ERF values themselves which feed into those calcs? Just wondering if that tool or function already exists someplace?


@edpmay ,

Yes, such a component exists. It’s called the Outdoor Solar Temperature Adjustor:

In spite of its poor name (chosen by yours truly), the component is using the SolarCal method within the ASHRAE-55 and it can be used for indoor purposes as well. You can see that the component gives you the effective radiant field, and the adjusted MRT. An example that shows how to use the component in both simple and detailed ways can be found here: