ASHRAE-55 "Go | No-Go" With HB Recipes?

Hello everyone,
Fairly new to ASHRAE 55. Energy/Passive House are the usual jams. I’ve a couple questions, seeking clarification/conformation about the outputs from “HB PMV Comfort Map”, as I feel I may be adding redundancies already included in the recipe, and also like to learn.

Currently I’ve set up for ASHRAE 55-2020: Vertical Air Temp Difference:
PMV Map Output Temperature (SET==True):
sensor grids at ankle and head height to compare delta T does not exceed limits. Floor Surface Temperature:
HB Model-> OSM Output face_indoor_temp (Floor srfc):
For floor surface temp. Ankle Air Speed:
HB Model-> OSM Output face_indoor_temp (glazing surface), and Room Comfort Results air_temp_ feeding Ladybug_Window Downdraft: for each sensor val if v>x rigged up.

In reference to CBE Thermal Comf Tool and Initial Documentation of Thermal Maps

A: I feel like perhaps I may be ‘manually doing’ some things that are already included in the PMV Comfort Map recipe?
For instance in refrence toe CBE:
All of these outputs are included in the the HB PMV Comfort Map outs_… so I feel like there is a decent possibility I’m adding additional things that are already being taken into account in the recipe.

B: Radiant Temperature Asymmetry Also feeling like this is included already in the recipe and one would not need to compare face_indoor_temp outputs with table 5-11?

Thanks anyone for their time and knowledge.