ASHRAE Case 600

Has anybody tried the ASHRAE Case 600 simulation using Honeybee? I tried to simulate that and found the heating load comparable (4.7 MWh annually) but the cooling load is less than 1 MWh (0.8 MWh). (109.8 KB)
Case600.3dm (42.6 KB)

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I’ve also been dealing with BESTEST Case 600 for 2 weeks and I couldn’t figure it out. I just saw your model and just by including the window in the model earlier than you did, with AddSubsurface component, the result was correct! Heating: 4.7 MWh, Cooling: 7.6 MWh.

Since I am a new user, I cannot upload files. However, I can summarize it like this: Connect the HB ConstructionSet and HB Aperture to HB Add Subsurface, not the HB Model. Then connect HB Add Subsurface to HB IdealAir.

Thanks a lot.

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Thank you for your response. I did it yesterday. I can share my updated files if you need.

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Yes, I would be very happy if you could share it. Thanks again.

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Please let me know if you can get the files.

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Yes, I was able to download 2 files, thank you very much. The 3rd file was a text document containing validation entries, right?

I have a question also, at the top of the grasshopper file there is a group for the epw file that is not linked to the main commands. I don’t quite understand that part, what was its purpose?

That is the epw file originally suggested by bestest model. I created that file to use in honeybee but did not use it. It showed error regarding missing ddy.

I see. By the way, your new file is more detailed. I also checked the peak values, peak cooling stays within the BESTEST min-max ranges. However, peak heating comes out as 3277 KW, while min in BESTEST is 3437. I will try to solve this problem, let’s let the other one know which one of us does it first, is it okay with you?

Well, it is easy pick I guess. You just need to pick right weather file and some trial error. I didn’t check for the peak cooling and heating demands. You can try with the High Mass model, then both model will be a good validation. I am not getting enough time this week to run the high mass model.
Btw, thank you for checking out everything. If you want to publish something, I would be happy to get referred the github site.

Yes, the weather file is important, but the weather file on the diskette in the BESTEST document published in 1998 has a TMY extension. Since I haven’t figured out how to convert it to EPW yet, I will use EnergyPlus’ weather file for Denver Airport for now. Although the weather data in this file differs slightly, it is quite close to the BESTEST document.

Apart from that, other inputs in the model also need to be checked, I hope I can figure it out. If there is a development, I will write here again. Also, in a situation like you say, of course it will be cited.

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