AssertionError in Honeybee+

I am running a daylight study for the UDI, and have used this script many times, but I have recently been getting an “AssertionError” on the Annual Daylight Metrics component after I have run the analysis. I am not sure what is causing it and have triple checked all of my geometry. I screenshot of the error message is below. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.

  1. Solution exception:AssertionError

@msilver ,

Here is the line where the error is coming from:

It seems that you have more than one analysis result file for this study (it looks like at least two .ill files are being added according to the simulation report).

If you can upload a definition that recreates the issue, we can get a better sense of what is going wrong.

Thanks @chris for the quick reply. I noticed that it seemed to be trying to pull two files in, but I am unsure why.

It has happened on a few files, the one I am uploading is a test file that also has the error coming up. Thanks! (528.9 KB)

Thanks @msilver for updating the file. I will check your file tomorrow.

This should fix it:

Update Honeybee[+] installation and try again.

Thanks @mostapha, it works now!

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I am running into an assertion error as well.

I am trying to add a frit pattern through the function. I am able to successfully do it in legacy honeybee, but when I plug the material into the HoneybeePlus_Honeybee Surface Component I get the assertion error:

I did do the recommendation of updating my honeybee+ before posting.

Many Thanks!

Hi @charkitect, I just got the same issue. Have you fixed it?

Yes. Remove the old version and install the latest version of Honeybee[+].