Assign different schedules

Hi all

I am modeling a high-rise residential building that has 104 zones. I want to divide those zones into 2 types (with different schedules and loads ): corridors and apartments.

To this end, I created 2 different breps (one per zone type) and for each of them, I did IntersectMass - Mass2Zone - SetEPZoneLoads - SetEPZoneSchedules. Then, I connected all the HBZones to SolveAdjc (see attached image). However, when it is run, all the surfaces between the 2 zones types present problems (Surfaces are not assigned properly and later on when the energy simulation is run the following errors appear: The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** RoofCeiling:Detailed=“APARTMENT_0_SRF_10_SRFP_2” references an outside boundary surface that cannot be found:CORRIDOR_6_SRF_4_SRFP_2). I know this is NOT a geometry problem because if I assign all my masses to only one brep and implement only one schedule and loads, the energy model runs perfectly.

I think this is happening because the 2 breps were never intersected (IntersectMass). Unfortunately, I do not know how to make this work

Hi @LizRivera,

This could be a way (see attached files).

Sorting Geometry.3dm (46.9 KB) sorting (456.2 KB)

The best practice approach would be to intersect all of your masses together and bake the result into rhino, to then separate them by use as you want. This ensures that all of the surfaces have their match on their contiguous zones. If you leave the intersect component running it can be very time consuming.


Hi @Erikbeeren

It worked! Thank you so much. However, there is no option to “internalize data” as a normal brep, right?
To do that, I think I should do what @LUISARTUROREYESVALEN is suggesting. I will try that as well.

Thank you both!

Hi @LizRivera,

I do not know how your model was made (in Rhino or Grasshopper). The use of intersect mass tool befor after baking doesn’t really make a difference. The only importance is that for a building all rooms should be in one list. Only then the intersect mass component knows which geometries should be intersected. When you want to define the rooms with different programs you wil have to know which room with which program is on which place in this list. In the example above (with the geometry pipeline) I used layer names to sort the rooms by program. In the picture below you can see how you could organise the room list with internalised geometry.

Personaly I like the geometry pipelines verry much. You get direct feedback if your model is inaccurate.

Hi @Erikbeeren,

Thank you so much! It worked perfectly :smiley:

Hi @Erikbeeren,

I already ran my simulation. However, when I checked the IdfFile I realized that all the zonePrograms were assigned with the default value (OpenOffice instead of apartment and corridor). Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Hi @LizRivera

If you go to with your mouse poiner to the import idf file it will give you the folowing message:

import an idf file to gh
This version only imports the geometries
Constructions, schedules and systems will be neglected

If you open the openstudio file, you will see the zoneprograms are assigned in the right way.