Assign glazing with different VLTs to a Model in LBT 1.4.0

Is there a way to assign different VLTs to different windows/glazing in a model in LBT 1.4 for UDI Analysis?

You mean like this?:

Hi @BenGottkehaskamp ,
Had tried assigning the different Tansmittance values as in the image. But Iā€™m not getting any difference in the results. It is considering only one of the values as the input.

Can u share your script?

udi analysis - (1.0 MB)
Only one of the values is taken as the VLT and not both, though it is assigned to different windows.

Hi @MeghaSajeev,

You should give your Radiance modifiers unique names, see image below. Otherwise they will overwrite each other when the model is written to a Radiance folder. If you do not really care about the names you can also leave it empty and the generated names will be unique. Remember to also do it for the opaque modifiers.


Thank you, @mikkel! It worked.