Assign names to schedule

Hi everyone, I’m new here!

I have a problem, obviously… When I create a new schedule with the “HB Fixed Interval Schedule”, the added output schedule to the EP library has the name of the interval time, whatever name i had assign.
So, when I create a new schedule with the same interval the component ask me to overwrite the existent schedule.
Another question is if I give it interval time as name (ex. [25 JUL 2 AUG]) the component runs and at the time ask me if to overwrite; instead, if I give it a general name it give me errors to me.

I need help to create schedules at a specific analysis period, there is any way?

Pictures at:

Hi @Rhynoxas ,

You are mixing the Legacy and the LBT components in a manner that’s not permissible. There’s no need to write objects to the “library” when using the LBT plugin. In Legacy writing to the “library” basically meant writing the object to the memory of the Grasshopper document but this is done automatically for you now in LBT. So, in the LBT plugin, you simply connect the FixedInterval schedule up to whatever component you want to use it with, like the Apply Room Schedules component.

Thank you @chris ! So far I have only worked with the Legacy plugin and now the LBT plugin is confusing me.

Well, so we no longer talk about HBZone, but about Rooms, right? But in the LBT plugin I don’t see the HB_RunEnergySimulation component for EPlus, only the HB_AnnualLoads component exists… How can I connect each output simulation control and the HBZone / Rooms to simulate the climatic condition with LBT?

Use the HB Model To OSM component and parse the output sql file with the result components.

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