Assign natural gas boiler

Dear Ladybug community,

I have a very simple question regarding HVAC systems in honeybee (v.1.1.0).
I would like to compare the energy demand of the same house when changing the HVAC system.
After assigning a natural gas boiler, I do not get any outputs from the model for cooling and heating.

Is there something I miss?

I am not able to recreate the issue on my end. Are your Honeybee Rooms conditioned and do they have setpoints assigned to them? Maybe you should upload a minimal file to recreate the issue.

Actually, I think I know what’s going on. The EnergyPlus team decided to change the names of all the outputs on us in their latest version, thereby breaking a ton of backwards compatibility. So make sure you are using OpenStudio 3.0.1 as is specified in the Ladybug Tools compatibility matrix:

Thank you @chris for your help. I do use OS 3.0.1 and I did assign setpoints to my HB rooms.
I figured out that I simply did not have requested the output “Hvac_energy_use” for my simulation.
Now that I did, it does output results but I get “1. Solution exception:None of the ColorRoom data collections could be matched to the input rooms”. on the component “HB color rooms”.

I attached the model to this message.
Thank you for your help! (659.8 KB)

@mkdg ,

That exception that you get from the “Color Room” component is intentional. You should use an Ideal Air Loads system if you want Room-match-able heating/cooling. See here for more info:

Honeybee_Energy Balance data matching error for model

great thank you @chris :slight_smile: