Assigning a Surface as Photovoltaic

I’m currently using Ladybug tools 1.3.0. and I would like to assign a surface as a PV one. I was told that I need to download Legacy tools, but I have a confusion. Will I download Honeybee 0.0.66 (Legacy Plugins)? I already use a newer version of Honeybee and I’m afraid of having a problem after installing an older version. Any help and suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.

There is no problem having both versions. The thing is you can not combine between them.
If you want to use the PV capabilities of Legacy you need to redo what you have done with LBT in Legacy.
At some point, i guess, the PV options will be implemented on LBT, but not right now.

For example, I’m assessing heating and cooling loads of a building and then I’m planning to assign a PV glass to some parts of that building and compare new heating and cooling loads. I actually had results of heating&cooling loads in the version of 1.3.0. but what you say is that I need to redo this process in legacy, right?

You don’t want to hear this, but … yes, you do.

Maybe you can try a much more simplified process where you calculate the radiation received on the PVs (kWh/m2) and discount that from the consumption (after discounting the efficiency and others). But this is an approximation. Be aware!

I have a question. When I installed the legacy version it gave me such an error and now I cannot open my 1.3.0 version results. what should I do?

Hi @aybuketaser , You need to update your Rhino version (automatically updates grasshopper version). The Grasshopper version should be at least 6.27 as notified in the image you uploaded.

This has been relatively high on my agenda since I know this is how people get a lot of LEED points. You will know when it’s implemented when you see this issue closed:


This is good to hear @chris ,
This goes beyond LEED.


Good to hear that! Thank you for your attention.

I hear you. I guess I just brought up LEED because I know it’s a single-building use case for PV as opposed to the Urban/GEB use case for modeling PV, which is somewhat addressed by the REopt integration that dragonfly has. But I know there are plenty of other single-building PV modeling use cases that would be addressed by this.

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