Assigning different HVAC systems to different zones

I want to assign different HVAC systems per zone, but this causes the the zones to be duplicated in the output of the Assign HVAC System component:

As you can see I start with 2 zones, but these become 4 if I enter a list of 2 _HVACSystems.

What confuses me even more is that I am getting 3 cooling output streams:

I am ultimately trying to replicate a building from which I have collected data during a field study. The occupants had remote-controlled, split system room air-conditioning units without outdoor air supply (which doesn’t seem to be available as a template?). In order to replicate the exact times in which the occupants actually switched on the ACs, I have created custom availability schedules for each room, based on the data captured on site. However, when I input multiple airDetails or coolingDetails components, the same problem mentioned above also occurs.

I’m pretty desperate to solve this issue - any help would be much appreciated! (619.3 KB)


You need to split the HBzones before you assign the HVAC system


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