Assigning double skin facade- adjacencies


I’ve constructed a building from different zones. “HB intersect masses” and “solve adjacencies” worked perfect, as you can see in the files.

I then created additional zones for the external skin (and the cavity between them and the building). I had to separate them by floor due to thermal accuracy (but that’s not the issue), so there are 44 of those (lowest brep on the left, named “double skin”).

How do I control the glazing correctly, i.e., external skin is glazed only on external faces, and inner skin remains glazed, WHILE solving adjacencies?


4.17 SIM.3dm (2.03 MB)
008_Honeybee EnergyPlus Simulation (837 KB)

Hello, I can’t run your file on my laptop but I put an example together which shows the logic. You need to use solveAdj separately couple of times .

PS: Also tapering the end of DSF zones will save you one extra intersection. (485 KB)