Assigning HVAC property with dragonfly

Hi all,
I am assigning the HVAC for a DF workflow and am not certain if I should shut off the “conditioned” function in the BuildingSolid component. As I understand, the default is that the idealAir will be the outputs without assigning an HVAC DF component. Now that I have assigned, should I change conditioned_ in the BuildingSolid to False, to only determine the AllAir, as shown?

Not sure exactly what you are asking here but the only time that you should set conditioned_ to False is if the building does not have any heating or cooling system (so it’s totally passive). Otherwise, leave it as is and, when you pass the buildings through the component that assigns the VAV system, you’re effectively replacing the default Ideal Air System with the detailed VAV system.

Thanks @chris . I got a little confused on the video 3 of the dragonfly academy videos at 44:30. You were talking about placing new measures on HB Model to OSM or URBANOpt component, and how that would affect the HVAC selection. I understand now, that has nothing to do with the HVAC component being directly placed in the workflow, as shown in my previous image. Thank you.