Assigning shading in Energy Plus

Hello everybody
I’m running an energy simulation and I faced this error.

I have searched about this error but found nothing!
Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot

Hello again
I’ve discovered that when I disconnect HB_Srf from the zone,Energy simulation runs correctly.But with disconnecting the HB_Srfs ,HB_Decompose Based on Type component doesn’t show any shadings on rhino scene and I don’t know if it’s the correct way of connecting or not!

Because I want to use it for both daylight and energy simulation and then optimize them with octopus.
So what should I do?

For adding shading to an energy model you should use create HB context or use them as blinds. Connecting them directly to HBZone is wrong!

Hi @mostapha
Thank you for your reply. But in this discussion Chris has said that: When you use the EPContextSrf component, the simulation is really only checking to see if the sun is blocked by the object and does not compute its surface temperature
And I want to use Rad and EP material for my daylight and energy simulation. What do you suggest me to do?


Daylight model is independent from the energy model.

In case you want to model the blinds accurately in your energy model then you should connect the surface with blinds directly to the zone. Which is what you have done in the image above. You should not reconnect them again as HBSurfaces as they are already considered as part of your energy model since they are applied to the window.

On the other hand, to have them as part of your daylight model you should connect the blinds to run daylight simulation component as Honeybee surfaces.

Again: Daylight model is independent from the energy model. Do not confuse the two simulations.This is by design to give the user the flexibility to test different scenarios as needed.