Assigning Shading Problem in LBT

Hi, dear community.

There is a difference between the geometry in the grasshopper and the geometry I assign to shading input inside the LBT 1.5.0 component with HB Shade, It seems when it becomes a mesh the geometry is changing.
Also, the LBT visualize component shows something like chaos after changing the type of geometry that have extra curves.
Is there any specific advice for the modeling process? I just extrude the pattern inside the grasshopper.

I hope @mostapha and @chris would help me with this problem.

With many thanks.

I make the mesh myself before connecting to HB Shade and the problem was solved! But I still think there is something that needs to be fixed with the process of this component that converting Geo to Mesh.


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Hey @Nariman.Rafati ,

Meshing is an art and that’s why Rhino includes tons of setting for meshing at different levels of detail. The default meshing that is built into the Brep > Honeybee processors is using some coarse meshing, which is what people want in most cases of simple single-curvature geometry (eg. rounded corners at the edge of a building). But, for more complex and detailed geometry, it’s always a good idea to mesh it yourself before you create the objects, either using the native Grasshopper meshing components or the “HB Planarize Brep” component.