Assigning variable wind speed in height while analysing a highrise building

I’m trying to do wind analysis on several highrise buildings. As I Know the wind speed is in direct relation with the height. as you see in the attached image. I wanna know if I can give a variable inward wind velocity along the height of the building cause as I see there is only one input available as the Wind Speed in “Butterfly-wind vector” component that I could just assign one number to it and as it says this number refers to refrence wind height.
Is there a way that i could somehow give a domain of numerical data as the wind speed input?


Hi @samira

BF will do this automatically for you, or OF will. All you need to worry about is providing an accurate wind velocity at the reference height of your choosing. The log profile will then be set internally, without any manual inputs.

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Thanks alot @TheodorosGalanos :slightly_smiling_face: