Atrium example not working

Hi all.
I have been trying to work on the indoor atrium example file.
Just running it as it is, it gives me this result:

if I switch the mesh on, this is the result:

These several zero’s remind me the outdoor case when the probes grid touches or is inside the building, so I looked at the section of this case which although it’s scaled down by 0.93, is going out of the SHM geometry, currently pretty poor (I guess as it’s just an example file to set things up). The SHM geometry is in fact so:

I started testing several different settings for the SHM and got pretty close to a better geometry, but results are not getting any better. I tried to reduce the dimensions of the probes grid to fit inside the SHM geometry, it seems to work better, but it’s not a proper way to do it, as it’s manual and very far from reality. I also looked around here and on github and @mostapha, @TheodorosGalanos, and others seem to have this working ok, although it was the previous example of the previous Butterfly version, so not sure if it counts much.

Please could anyone let me know he/she can run this file correctly, and any idea about how I can fix this?
Also, should the castellated mesh not be on True? Any other settings to make this example work properly please?

Here .gh file: (462.6 KB)

and zip with butterfly content is too big, so please find it here:

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi,@viola.maffessanti This case ran nice on my computer. Under the default setting,The result is the same to you. If you set a new legendbar for temperature such 29 to 31 degree, the result will show as below.

Many thanks, it worked.