Atrium in Energy+ Simulation_decompose HBZones crashes

Hello Everybody,

first of all i wanted to say thank you for this astonisching tool, it is extremley inspiring.

I recently started a project in which i want to run an energy+ simulation of an office building with an atrium for natural ventilation. But i didn´t find a way to create a HBZone or a kind of ventilation which would work for an atrium.

Is there a way to do so? Is it possible with Butterfly? And if yes, how could i merge the results from Butterfly and Honeybee to get information in how much heating, cooling, electric energy etc. this would result?

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Hello everyone,

i´m facing another issue. Now that my model has got a certain level of complexity the energy+ sim crashes rhino. I tried several ways to fix this and during that i found that it already crashes while decomposing my HBZones with adjacencies. (which i think energy+ also does, while writing an idf?)

First i thought it crashes due to the complexity, but even if i try decomposing only one zone i get the same result.

Then i thoughtit could appear because of the tolerance for adjacencies, but setting the tolerance higher didn´t affect the result

And strangly the crash only occurs after the fourth time of solving adjancencies. (i need to solve the adjacencies step by step for getting Air Walls at curtain adjacencies)(see attached file)

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Dominik (1.57 MB)

Hi Dominik,

Try to simplify the last step before decomposing Your zones.

It should work fine.

-OMiD (1.58 MB)

Hey Omid,

Thank you so much :slight_smile: it works fine now after copying the updated components in my original file.

I did update the components via the HB&LB-Update-Components earlier though (wich gave me a version of Feb). But you updated them to May. So did you edit them manaually or how else did you update them?

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After updating re-insert manually LB&HB update components into the canvas.


Hey Omid,

got it, thanks a lot :wink: