Attractor Points for Galapagos Optimization of Sun Shade

Hey everyone,

I am trying to optimize a sunshade for a building. The sunshade is a parametric wall with individual openings in front of the facade. To get the good looks, the openings of the wall are all individually big and should follow a dynamic flow to get a nice pattern.

Now I am wondering how I best set the sliders for the opening size for galapagos to optimize it. Because I don’t want a slider for every single wall opening - takes too long, doesn’t necessarily create a coherent flow pattern. My first try was the 3 coordinates of a point, and the distance to the point determines the opening size. But that is not very accurate in the results.

Has anyone experience or ideas what setup for galapagos would create a nice look on the facade and effective ladybug results for the radiation analysis?

This approach is called using attractors and there are several publications on how one can do that.

cc: @JohnSullivan

Thanks for clearifying that. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything which helps me yet, but I can rephrase the question:

How can I best use attractor points in combination with galapagos to define opening sizes for a sun shade?

I was thinking about sliders for evaluate curve commands (curves set randomly along the facade) or points with given z plane to reduce sliders. Suggestions are highly appreciated, or publication references as well!

nice approach.
really liked it