Automate thermal analysis of heating and cooling loads from Revit

Dear All,
I am a good user of Revit But I’m still a beginner in programming and I need to automated thermal analysis of heating and cooling loads using Revit
What is the best way to do this, using either Dynamo or Grasshoppers?
Are there educational files or tutorials that you recommend please?

There’s no automated way at the moment. Simplified closed thermal zones are needed to perform energy simulation. You can use rhinoInside to get relevant geometry in grashopper and then you can use honeybee workflows to do the energy simulation. Please check the navigation bar at the top of this page. A link to the learning resources is provided.

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Many thanks sir, I will try to find why to link Revit to Rhino then I can learn work with honeybee rather than Dynamo because the last one is very Poor and complex ( maybe as I saw)

Educational resources are paid
Are there free resources?

Yes. Please scroll down on that page and you’ll see links to several free Youtube playlists.