Automatically create named Rhino views from Grasshopper

Is it possible to create a series of named views in Rhino from Grasshopper?

I am trying to automatize a DGP annual simulation from given grid points but I cannot think of a way to do this only using grasshopper. The “Daysim parameters” needs to be fed a rhino view name. It would be great if I could create and name the views automatically from grasshopper.

Hi Alejandro,

This should do it for you:…

PS: Why can’t you create the views beforehand and just use the names?

Looks like it is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks!

Mostapha, I amtrying your script to save the views but I cannot manage to make it work correctly. I want it to save the views as perspective and I think it is saving them as parallel views instead. Do you know a way around this? (Script attached)

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save (12.9 KB)

Hi Alejandro,

Are you sure that the views are parallel? Works fine on my system. I guess it is an issue with setView component. Please use a slider (and not a panel) for your input for lensLength.


Hi Mostapha,

Thank you for all the help.

The views are parallel when I use the “Ladybug_View from sun component”, I guess it makes sense that the view from the sun is set as a parallel view, as the sun can be considered to be infinitely far away.

However, I am trying to make this work in my script using the “Ladybug_Set the view” component to set a normal view of my model. Even though I have an example file I don’t really understand how the “save views” component works and what I need to connect as imput.

Attached is my file.

save views (17.9 KB)

Hi Alejandro,

namedViewName is name of Rhino View that you want to be saved as a named view - You most likely want to leave it to Perspective.

viewName is the name of new named view.

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