Automatically Saving Named Views


I am hoping to get some help with a piece of ghPython code previously posted my Mostapha.

I am studying annual glare using the DGP metric in Honeybee. I am studying multiple cases and I would like to automate saving Rhino Named Views. I have followed a previous post:… and Mostapha was kind enough to post a ghPython code to automatically saved the current view. I am experiencing what I think is the same problem as the previous blog poster - The Named View which is saved by this python code appears to be either ‘parrallel’ or from the ‘Right’ view rather than from Perspective. I am using the Ladybug Set View component which appears to be working fine, I think it is the ghPython code which is not working correctly.

I have attached a segment of my canvas here, any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance.

duplicate with this one: