Average Daylight Values

Dear All,

sorry i might asked this before but i still didn’t get to work properly, is there a way to calculate average daylight values for multiple hours at once instead of hourly based values, I’ve tried to assign in the hours 9 to 16 for example but it won’t accept it.

any solution ?

Hi Ataur,

You can’t connect a list directly to the sky component but you can use ‘fly’ or animate an slider. Here is an example on how to use fly.


Thanks Mostapha,

I’ve tried fly component but it doesn’t gives me successful suggestion that i want to approach like ‘Galapagos’.

Mostapha and Ataur,

I just wanted to say that I used a list of skies with the runDaylightAnalysis component this past week and things generally went well:

I was able to produce some graphics showing the number of hours that an illuminance threshold is met over a single day.

The only difficulty with the workflow was parsing the results into a data tree, which you can see in the attached file is probably not the most elegant way or doing it.

Fly or slider animation through the hours of the day are also perfectly good for this case, as you say, Mostapha. Ataur, I am not sure how you would use Galapagos with this case unless you are trying to optimize the the time of day to be that where you get the most daylight. I certainly see its usefulness if you are trying to optimize a certain design parameter, though.


MultiDaylightSim.gh (509 KB)