Bake it - with colors to 3dsmax ?! (Solved)

thank you for this useful group :slight_smile:

but i have problem in exporting geometry with material to 3dsmax

i put bakeit value to 1

put then i bake it from final mesh ?!

and what extension that material go with it to 3dsmax ?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can’t you just save as the file as .3ds and open it in 3dsmax?

i found the solution for bake

it is in layer as hatch

for 3dsmax

i try

fbx obj dwg 3ds

all of them open but without material

i try to export it to pdf and its work perfect


the solution

bake mesh with color to 3dsmax

1- download from

2- save texture - bake result

3- exported .obj

4- imported to 3dsmax ,and through the texture on it

works perfectly


Thank you for the useful post!

I am trying to get this process to work for me as well (it seems all of the new augmented reality tools require everything to be in 3DSMax). For some reason, the mesh seems to be importing with some discoloration for some of the vertices:

My guess is that it might have something to do with the way that the mesh is structured.

If you get the chance, would you mind posting the mesh that you were able to successfully send over to 3DSMax? If I can get this working on my machine, I can likely build in some code to make this process faster so that you would not need to use the but just select a different integer option on bakeIt_.

Thanks again,


Hi Chris ,

It works with me in simulate for City scene ,result is good

but in nurbs masses ,the result could be improve by add loop subdivision

it would be great if u make it easier with better result

you can benefit from ’ Icarus Project ’ it give the option to bake with excellent result

Looking Forward ,thanks :slight_smile:

color_final.obj (1.79 MB)

there is the grasshopper file for simulate

if u need it :slight_smile: (402 KB)


Thank you very much for the helpful information. Subdivision with weaverbird helped with the export to 3DS Max and, without the need for subdivision, I was able to get perfect renders with V-Ray and colored meshes in this very awesome augmented reality app that I have been playing with recently:

This image mapping workflow definitely seems like it is worth having some code in Ladybug to make it fast. As such, I am going to add in this capability on bakeIt_ once I get the chance:

I’ll post any updates that I have on that github issue.