Baking colors in Ladybug

Hi all,

I am facing a problem when baking the colors of different analysis done in lady bug. I only get the mesh without the colors. could you please tell me how to fix it?

Is your rhino viewport set to “rendering” mode?

Yes… but still none of the colors show

Hi Nik, Can you share your example file (both Grasshopper file, and baked Rhino file) and a screen capture?

I agree that we would have to see an example file or image to figure out if it is just something with your Rhino viewport settings or it’s something related to our code.

Hi Guys! I am having the same issue. The blues don’t show for some reasons.

I am in rendered view/ shaded view/ baking or just taking screenshots, nothing is reacting.

Thank you in advance!

150814_Daylighting (95 KB)

Yuliya, It works fine on my system. I can see it in preview and I can bake it with no problem. (93.1 KB)

Thank you Mostapha, helped a lot with solving same issue.