Baseboard Heating in Honeybee


I am trying to model and older single-family residential building using Honeybee/EnergyPlus. The house has window AC units. To approximate this I used the PTAC residential HVAC system and set the heating schedule to “always off.” However, it is my assumption that the house also has some baseboard radiators for heating. I cannot find this as an option for an HVAC system in Honeybee. Is this currently an option? If not, what would be a good approximation to use?

Thank you very much!

@ebh1448 ,

If your question is about the new LBT Honeybee and not honeybee-legacy (as your choice of category seems to suggest), there is an HVAC template for “Window AC with baseboard gas boiler”. You can assign it to your Honeybee Rooms like so:

Thank you so much. I am still using honeybee legacy but I will update so that I can use this system!

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