BCL HVAC components for Ironbug


Hello @MingboPeng:

I am modeling a VRF system for an office building in Iron bug and I was wondering. Is it is possible to use specific Outdoor and Indoor units downloaded from the BCL components library, and somehow load them directly in the ironbug components? or if there is a way to replace all of them directly in the OpenStudio app afterwards?.



Hi @LUISARTUROREYESVALEN I am not sure which component you downloaded. but if you could find out all parameters (such as COP, performance curves, temperatures, schedules, etc) for each component, then you can set them up with the same parameters directly via “Obj_Param”.



Hi @MingboPeng, I am using LG outdoor and Indoor VRF units. They do come with all the parameters defined. I am just finding the process a bit daunting since I´m no expert in AC. So I wanted to see if it was possible to bring the component into Grasshopper to avoid the data input step.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.


I am working on the importing osm as library back to GH.
please stay tuned.


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That’s great @MingboPeng. You are a life saver!