Beginner Honeybee Dayligh [solution exception] issue

Hi, I have just started using Honeybee and I was trying to create a simple Daylight Simulation.
However, it is giving me an error every time: 1. Solution exception:Could not find file ‘C:\ladybug\0920\TEST2\gridBasedSimulation\error.log’.

I can see that there is no necessary “error” folder being created in the directory but do not know how this can be fixed.

I am very sorry for the tedious question but I am very stuck.

Thank you!!

Hi Maria,

could you please upload your GH definition and 3d model? That will be helpful for understanding what might be wrong.


Hi Saludos,

Thank you for your reply. Yes of course.

Best wishes,
DaylightAnalysis.3dm (320.4 KB) (505.3 KB)

Hola Maria,

Sorry for the late response, its been a busy day :slight_smile:

So, I had a look at your files and everything seems to be correct. I even ran the simulation on my computer and as you can see in the screenshot I´m not getting any error.

I think you should try using a different “workingDir” path for writing your simulation files. GH or any other software involved on the simulation may be having issues to read/write the files, since you are currently using a path located on the C drive.

In addition, and not related to this problem, I recommend that you set your distbasesrf (grid) to 0.85m as this is the height above the floor area where you will normally want to check the daylight situation.

I hope this is helpful,


Hi Daniel,

Thank you a lot, I have reinstalled Radiance and changed “workingDir”, and it is working now.

Yes, raising it 0.85 makes a lot of sense! Thanks


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Super! Glad to hear that it worked out well.

Best regards,

Hi, I’m also a begginer in HB. As I encountered similar problem when adding batteries from HB/HB-R to my gh canvas. Like when I added the HB_Face, the warning popped out as, “1. Solution exception: Failed to import honeybee: No module named honeybee.face.”
Do you know the reason for this? Thank you!