Benefit Sky Matrix - Legend Update Bug?


I keep experiencing unexpected behaviour from the Benefit Sky Matrix in combination with the legend parameter component. Whenever I change the Benefit Sky Matrix input (i.e. different .epw or different hoys), the legend keeps the min/max values from the previous calculation, even though they are set as default. If the legend is connected to more than one calculation, it will also apply the same min/max values to all legends (when the input was changed).
At the moment, this can only be solved by dis- and enabling the legend parameter component.
Can anyone reproduce this? I thought that it might be a bug, or am I missing something?

See also the screenshots:

Best wishes and thanks for your help,

What seems unintended too, is that the entire calculation is re-run when changing an input to the “Legend Paramerter” even though the component is disabled.
Any thoughts on this?