Bespoke ventilation network

Dear community,

Has anyone ever developed a script with Honeybee+Ironbug where heat exchange between zones has been incorporated in the ventilation system?

I am trying to demonstrate the benefits of heat exchange on a project where there is simultaneous heating and cooling demand along with high volumes of fresh air demand (i.e laboratories).

Appreciate that this is the principle behind a VRF system, but what I am specifically trying to demonstrate is the energy saving when exchanging heat between the supplied air and the extract air on a room per room basis. Essentially I want to build a custom ventilation network where I can put heat exchangers on specific branches of the ventilation network.

Hope I’ve explained it in an understandable manner!

Hi @StefanosPapathanasopoulos,

Have you tried to prototype this type of system in OpenStudio or EnergyPlus, to see if everything works as expected? It will be much easier for you to have the system tested and know how to build it in OpenStudio or EnergyPlus before moving to Ironbug.

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From my experience in LBT, the way Honeybee’s workflow is setup allows for heat recovery on a zonal level, meaning that heat is exchanged between the supplied air (outdoor temperature) and extracted air(indoor temperature) on that specific zone.

I was wondering if I can exchange the heat that is extracted from a specific zone and with the supply air of let’s say 2 other zones that I will be able to select myself. Essentially I want to be able to control the point in which the heat is exchanged, meaning a specific part of the network rather than the central AHU’s heat exchanger.