Best way to iterate a HOUR or DAY slider to iterate radiance image generation

Wondering what the most straightforward way is to iterate an HOUR slider for automated production of HDR images for glare analysis?

This seems like a fairly simple thing to do, but my efforts thus far exploring the “animate” feature, Hoopsnake, and existing suggestions:…

… appear pretty elaborate for such a task.

I know someone has tried to do this!

It would be nice to set up a few parameters (e.g. view direction, time of day) and automatically crank out a set of images.

I could use the counter, but this is not very robust, as when quality settings are changed, the sim times are going to change, and the time setting will need to be adjusted…

Suggestions appreciated !

One related question:

Can the runDaylightAnalysis component export multiple images to the same folder?

It appears to create a unique folder for each image that is produced, making 8760 folders if i iterate through 8760 hours by automating the MONTH, DAY, HOUR sliders.

If all images are dumped into one folder, i can check the number of image files in this folder and set the runs to trigger when the count changes, based on the link example in my recent post.

Suggestions on an elegant way to iterate the three sliders MONTH, DAY, HOUR appropriately would also be appreciated . . .

This is an extremely useful workflow already, but i want to do an annual run. THANKS!

Check the attached file for an example. Connect all the sliders to the component and press the button. You can also use TT-Toolbox brute force component. It basically does the same. (13 KB)

Image_Based Recipe has an input for backup image with multiple options.


Thanks, the runItAll attachment work great.

The issue with the file structure is that if i want to give each image a unique name based on Hour Month and Year (passed to the RadFile_Name), then it produces the result here (first screen shot). One folder per image. I get the timestamp i want, but have to automate a process for grabbing all the images and putting them in one folder.

But if i disconnect the “Concat” component, then i get a folder with sequential images (which is what i am after), but no time stamps on the image file names.

Since i know these are going to be hourly, its not really a problem, but it would be nice for archival purposes to have the time stamp (for time of year) in the file name.

Hi Octagon26 [!!]. I agree with you that naming method can be improved. It has to carry more than date actually. skyType and location are also important. Thanks, -Mostapha

hi,why i can not download it ?

Hi -

You can still download that from the old forum.