BF Error, Cannot find patchField entry for boundingbox

Hi all,

I was created U shape curve case. BF Cannot run at the Butterfly_Solution.

Following this error:

FOAM FATAL IO ERROR “Cannot find patchField entry for boundingbox”

Can someone help me please?

Thanks a lot.

Cannot find patchField entry for boundingbox

BF error001.txt (3.3 KB)

Can you share the file or the case folder? Is it an indoor case? Looks like the boundingbox still exist in your case, which should not, and OpenFOAM is looking to find for the boundary condition and it can’t find it.

Hi, Thanks for Your reply.

Please find the case here.

thanks a lot.

\D (412 KB)

There was a couple of issues in your file:

  1. The major problem was that the input geometries were open. You needed to add the surfaces around the inlet and outlet to the model.

  2. locationInMesh was not set. Butterfly sets the locationInMesh by default to the center of the case which in this case was outside the volume.

You also need to create a much denser mesh. In cases like your case you can add layers to surfaces for snappyHexMesh. I attached a modified version of your file which runs but didn’t play with the quality of the mesh. (415 KB)

Hi,great, now I understand the problems.

I opened that and set the location mesh inside the case.

Thank you so much For your help.