BF-Wind Velocity Vector Issue

Hi BF Community,
After I learned something about Indoor Airflow from Mostapha’s tutorial, I applied that GH to my own investigation. My original model has inlets at South and outlets at West and North, so I changed velocity vector accordingly. But the result doesn’t seem to be correct (see attached)
So I rotated the original model by 90 degree to match wind direction with one in Mostapha’s original GH. And it worked well (see attached).
what I don’t understand is about the velocity vector. Seems like it is fixed in x-direction no matter what we define. How can I fix this issue?

Indoor geo test.3dm (114.8 KB)
Indoor Geo (424.7 KB)

A rhino, GH and two screenshots are attached for your better understanding.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

The vector direction in Grasshopper sample file is set to Y. Try to change the direction to match your case.

That is actually my question. Even though the direction was changed to Y, seems like wind is coming from X (east). I consider that the first image should be same as the second image because the vector directions of inlet at both case are same, toward the center of a room. But they are different. I am wondering why vector X is working but vector Y is not.

Let me ask the other question if you don’t mind. I’ve update room and opening geometry, and then ran it again. But the simulation is showing the old solutions. I restarted Rhino/GH and even cleaned up the folder where all data were saved before, but still have the problem.
Seems like no one else in this forum has that issue. Any suggestion?
Thank you for your help in advance.