Bioclimatic Chart Error

I’m getting an error using Ladybug_Bioclimatic Chart component. I get this error when plugging in my dry bulb temperature or relative humidity. See image for the error. Thanks!


Can you tell which EPW are you using? Or attach it?


The weather file is a future weather file for Chicago Midway 2080. The error goes away when I use the current weather file for Chicago Midway.

Can you upload the EPW?

Yes. Thanks for looking.

USA_Chicago Midway Ap_HadCM3-A2-2080.epw (1.36 MB)

Hi Andrew,

I know Abraham is working on a few last code moves in order to bring the chart out of WIP so there may still be a few hiccups in the workflow. This issue was relatively easy to fix and you can find a working component in the attached file and on the github. The error was happening because the climate change projection file for Chicago that you were using had temperatures higher than 50 C for some of the hours, which is literally off the bio chart.

Remembering the high mortality that happened when Chicago had its last big heat wave in 1995, I think I speak for us all when I say that our future is scary …

-Chris (371 KB)

Also, Abraham, you can see the two lines of code that I edited here:…