BioMet folders with Ladybug_ENVI-Met Results Reader

Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio and other community members,

I am studying ENVI-met results thanks to the Ladybug_ENVI-Met Results Reader component VER 0.0.68, but it only provides the selection of 5 folders (atmosphere, pollutants, radiation, soil, surface), without the possibility to visualise the results provided by BioMet.

I wasn’t able to find another component to read BioMet results, if it already exists a link would be great!

If it doesn’t exists yet, I looked into the python source code and added the possibility to read the UTCI folder (since I can’t upload files in the forum, here a temporary wetranfer link:
I’m not used to Python but the code seems to work if the UTCI folder is copied out of the Biomet folder that ENVI-met automatically creates.

It would be very good if a new version with the possibility ton read all BioMet possible folders (PMV/PPD, PET, UTCI, SET) will be released.

Thank you very much!

Hi @MatteoFBC,

Thanks for this improvement of the legacy-version of envimet components. It is similar to the implementation made by Jonathan Graham in lb_envimet project.

I’m sorry for the confusion, currently there are three versions of envimet components based on ladybug tools and Rhino API:

  1. legacy components under Ladybug Legacy WIP. It is not updated to the latest envimet version.
  2. lb_envimet components - it is not updated to the latest envimet version.
  3. df_envimet components under Dragonfly Legacy - it is updated to the latest version of envimet.

The active project is df_envimet for now. It has many components that do similar things to the legacy-version but it is compiled.

It is possible to extend it to all comfort folders, just adding the right mapping and the relative paths to each folder. So, yes it is possible.

I can implement it into the active version.


Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio , thank you very much for your answer !

It is indeed very similar to Graham implementation, the main difference seems to be that Graham’s one had been created from an older version of the Results Reader component, but it’s able to read the files directly in the biomet folder, which is more user friendly.

Since our codes only focus on the UTCI folder, I think that the possibility to read all the comfort folders directly in the official version would be a very nice addition !

Best regards,

Hi @MatteoFBC,

I have added components to read UTCI, PMV, SET and PET binary files to my latest project about envimet GH. It should be flexible and you can combine it with the powerful library of Ladybug for visualization.
Here is a complex example where I read wind speed on buildings, vegetation, DEM + air flow vectors.

You can download Morpho WIP from here:


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Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio, thank you very much for this update, it looks great!

I’m looking forward to trying it :wink:

Best regards,