BIPV facade_How to assign both glazing and PV to an external wall

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to simulate a building with BIPV facade or better to say PV curtain walls. For every single office rooms, each of the external walls is made of 50% of triple glazing and 50% of PV surfaces (first picture). My question is that how can I assign both PV and glazing and PV surface to the external wall surface?
The approach that I was thinking to take was as following steps:

  1. Create the surface for the whole external wall
  2. Use HB_Glazing based on the ratio (second picture)
  3. Use LB_Photovoltaic surface (third picture)


But apparently “LB_Photovoltaic surface” realizes the output of “HB_Glazing based on the ratio” as polysurface and needs a surface as the input.
The solution that comes to my mind is to create two surfaces for each external wall and set one of them as 100% glazing and the other one as PV surface.
But there might be other ways to do this as well…
Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

hello,Is your problem solved?
You can use Honeybee_Select by Type solve your problem.
Hope to help you