BIPV facade_How to assign both glazing and PV to an external wall

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to simulate a building with BIPV facade or better to say PV curtain walls. For every single office rooms, each of the external walls is made of 50% of triple glazing and 50% of PV surfaces (first picture). My question is that how can I assign both PV and glazing and PV surface to the external wall surface?
The approach that I was thinking to take was as following steps:

  1. Create the surface for the whole external wall
  2. Use HB_Glazing based on the ratio (second picture)
  3. Use LB_Photovoltaic surface (third picture)


But apparently “LB_Photovoltaic surface” realizes the output of “HB_Glazing based on the ratio” as polysurface and needs a surface as the input.
The solution that comes to my mind is to create two surfaces for each external wall and set one of them as 100% glazing and the other one as PV surface.
But there might be other ways to do this as well…
Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,