Blanks in Certain Fields

Trying to calibrate an Ironbug model against an existing IDF file. There are certain fields where the IDF is blank but Ironbug makes some default assumptions, for example the economizer maximum limits on dry bulb and enthalpy. Is there a way to force a field to be blank (or autosize) without editing the IDF file?

There isn’t actually an “Ironbug model”. Ironbug is just modeling the OpenStudio model directly, so it’d be OpenStudio translated IDF model vs EnergyPlus IDF model.

In terms of default assumptions in Ironbug, they all natively come from OpenStudio. However, as far as I know, the majority default assumptions in OpenStudio are from EnergyPlus IDD file, which IDF is also referencing. Theoretically, they are the same.

While running the simulations, the blank fields in IDF would use the default value from IDD, and OpenStudio just put the default values from IDD before running it.

Fields you mentioned like Economizer Maximum Limit Dry-Bulb Temperature and Economizer Maximum Limit Enthalpy, they won’t work unless the Economizer Type is set to the correct one. By default, Economizer Type is set to NoEconomizer in both OpenStudio (and Ironbug) and EnergyPlus IDF, so these two fields won’t be taken into account in the simulation even they have default values.

(Please correct me if I am wrong!)