Blind operation in sDA calculation

As it is mentioned in LM83 all exterior windows MUST include blinds, and blinds close when 2% of test area gets direct sunlight. I followed the previous conversations around this topic and Mostapha said he is working on HB[+] to include blinds in sDA calculations. Is it now available? Can we calculate sDA with blinds in HB[+]?

Do you use smart switchable glazing or fixed shadings like thermochromic shadings?

I use fixed shadings, a transparent material on glass. Should I run one time with shading and one time without that? How should I combine this results?

First, you should specify exact glazing type since each glazing type has its unique thermal properties that
you should enter as primary inputs for energy and daylight simulation.
As you said, it is reasonable to first simulate your desire building without any shading and then use your shading type and compare them.
I recommend you define a workflow and start from one point and end with final best result.
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