Blinds Angles and Ranges for HB_Daysim Shading States

HI every one :slight_smile:

I wanna optimize the Blind angles for dynamic blinds with an integrated lighting and thermal analysis so that:
1- 300<UDLI<500 be Max
2- the Total (lighting-heating-Cooling) loads be Min.

I`ve almost write the algorithm fully.
and here are the questions:
1- is there any guide or tutorial that help me to choose the .ill range for each state and the Angles to get the best result?
(I wanna set 4 or 5 category for angles and fly the colibri and then compare the results to choose the best category for angles).

2- and the another question is that: should I use sensors necessarily?

3- and the last one: when I wanna read the .ill results for each state: I get confused! I`m not sure Why the result for some states are the same! I got stuck :confused:

thanks a lot for yr helps.

@6ima, Iā€™m not sure what is your question. If I understand correctly you have ran the annual daylight for 5 different shading angles? Now you want to understand how to switch between them to maximize UDI in the space? There are a couple of ways to approach this but before I want to suggest any solution I need some clarifications on the goal of this study.

HI Dear @Mostapha,
Thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile:
Actually I wanna design a dynamic Blind with which I can have maximum of the 300<UDLI<500 and the minimum of the thermal loads (Cooling+heating and electrical lighting).
and I have no Idea how should select the best angles (1) and the range of ill for each shading state (2) to reach this goal.

your comments and feedbacks will be the great help for me :slight_smile:
thanks in advance.

06.3dm (178.9 KB) (1.2 MB)

hi, i am doing a similar simulation , and i have also met the question [1] you mentioned above. Have you solved the question [1]? If solved, how to do. wish to receive your feedbacks. Thanks.

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