Blinds in cavity

I want to put a few blinds in between the two shells. How can I do to define these blinds with pc material between the two shells ?
I defined two zones that the second zone is located in front of the first zone and I want the blinds in this zone.
i’ll appreciate you if helping me.
thanks a lot

What does pc material stands for? Are you using the blind component? I’m not sure what is the question/problem that you’re trying to figure out.

I wanna define the material of the pcm for the blinds between the two shells. The first problem is the definition of the blinds between the two shells in the cavity zone. And the second problem is the material definition for the blinds.I want to get the impact of PCM material on energy consumption in the adjacent cavity zone!

@mostapha I think she means “phase change material”

Hi sepideh,

I don’t think WindowMaterial:Blind can be used with MaterialProperty:PhaseChange, I’m not 100% sure but when I tried it in E+, it was saying that MaterialProperty:PhaseChange can only be used on ordinary E+ Materials, i.e. it won’t work on WindowMaterial:Glazing, WindowMaterial:Shade, etc.


so how can i define the pcm blind in cavity?
thanks for your guidness

This might help.

I see it’s an old subject, but in case it’s still relevant for you- i’m currently simulating a dsf with shading, and what i do is define the shades for the exterior skin (using EPwindowshades), and there you have a choice whether you want them exterior or interior. If you choose interior then you’ll get shades inside the cavity.
Also there’s an example of dsf on hydra that is quite useful.