Block Mesh / Windows Error in butterfly

Hi there, I installed the latest version of Butterfly & bluecfd and it doesn’t worked with “outdoor airflow 2d” & indoor airflow 2d example file, but I got the windows error when I tried to run the example
I checked the same solutions but none of the them were practical. Here is the full report of the Blockmesh component. I’d appreciate your help

Hi,@Qodsiye It is a commom question. You should run Rhino as admin.

Thanks you, but I do it

Hi, I have the same problem too. And I run Rhino 6 as administrator. Did you solve it?

Hi,@Marcello I suggest you to use Rhino 6 SR11 or newer version.

Thank you @minggangyin

I bought Rhino 6 last week, straight from the official McNeel website…I suppose it is the very last release.

I checked…SR22