Blurry surface on geometry

Hi guys, I am starting with ladybug tools and I have already a problem. The texture of the radiation analysis on the geometry is super blurry. I dont no why and I cant find these problem in the internet. I have the latest version of Ladybug tools and Rhino 7. That would be amazing if anyone can help me with that.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Dan94, welcome to the forum.

Try hiding your input geometry from the rhino scene - the results mesh is coincident with your input geometry and being coincident makes the Rhino view look patchy.

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Hi @charlie.brooker, I am happy to be here! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your fast reply. Actually now it is way better. But still it looks a bit patchy… In all the tutorials I watch its not like that. Is there any other solution? I thought the offset distance to the surface is not enough but it does not change at all.

Now I see the text is even overlapping too… maybe this has something to do with that?

Hi @Dan94, that’s another coincident issue - in you grasshopper script preview is turned on for all components. You can either turn off preview on all components except the output, or turn on the green/white toggle in the top right corner of the grasshopper canvas so you only preview selected components.

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Hi @charlie.brooker sorry for the late reply! Thanks a lot for your support. The information was really helpful for me. I see that I have to play a bit with the visibility of the geomerty and the selection preview.