"Border shades" surrounding skylights - how to model roof depth?

In modelling a simple demonstration shoebox, I wish to allow the wall thickness and the roof/ceiling thickness to be independent of each other. The HB Border Shades component works extremely well, even allowing a list which has the wall thickness being modelled as a different value for each cardinal direction.

However, I cannot see what I can use to make the border around a skylight different from these values.



Hi @MichaelDonn,

Here’s an option for you.
Test_annual_loads_2_CB_RooflightBorder.gh (122.2 KB)

I can confirm it works geometrically, but I haven’t looked at how it works operationally in terms of ventilation control. I think that as the HB window control is added before the skylight in my example, the skylight won’t be operable (also the operable input on the skylight input is set to False). If you test it out, or if others know, I’d be interested to know more about how this impacts the operating controls.


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Brilliant. Thanks.

One of those elegant solutions that one sees and thinks why on earth did I not think of that!