Broader description for HVAC templates

Hi, where can I find the description for 15 default HVAC templates? Is there a documentation somewhere?

For systems 1-10 see the ASHRAE Appendix G. All of these are baseline systems that come from there.

For systems 11-17, see the ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides. All of these are systems that come from these documents.

I can also recommend opening up your .osm models in the OpenStudio GUI and go over the the HVAC tab. This will show you how the systems are structured and allow you to see all of the assumptions about the equipment.


Is there a location were one could find this settings?
I would like to read them if possible. I am trying to get an idea how the settings are translated into OS and the E+ rapport.
I am trying to get a detailed definition on the energie consumption over a project.