Bsdf file in the annual daylight simulation

Hello friends
I plan to analyze the annual lighting on the apartment stair box by an light guide system.
In this light guider, I have to use a light diffuser. When I use file bsdf, the analysis goes wrong. And as soon as I delete the bsdf file, the analysis is done.
There is no problem in analyzing the lighting based on grid base simulation, using the bsdf file.
Aren’t we allowed to use the bsdf file to simulate annual lighting? Or the problem is somewhere else. (529.7 KB)

This is one of the limitations of using Daysim in Hb-Legacy version. BSDFs are not supoorted in annual simulations. You will have to switch to HB+ version to do this.

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thanks @devang for reply
Where should I download? HB+

Search the forum and you will find your answer!

yes Sir :no_mouth:………………