BSDF for hbsurface of blind or window group

I’m going to create bsdf with component that was written by @Mathiassn,-3241.6562499999995

in this part we set glass material and opaque material. my question is when we have an external blind what should we do? should we set bsdf that was created for window group or hbsurface that is blind.
or maybe I shouldn’t use bsdf material for blind in hbsurface of hb+ and just set for window group.
thank you for attention

@sarith might know the answer for you.

I think you can model the entire thing into your BSDF. I would do that if the shading is not too deep and if using rollerblinds.
But there are also 4/6 phase simulations that contain more advanced external stuff.

If you want to model the blinds going on/off, you should have two bsdfs, one for each state.

As long as your external blinds are parallel to the window, you can model them together using genBSDF.


could I model window and blinds together? it’s parallel but have different surfaces
and for that should I connect BSDF to window group and don’t connect blinds to geo for simulation? shouldn’t I?
@sarith @Mathiassn
thank you

Yes you can model them together (using glass material for window and plastics for blinds) and then set that as input for genBSDF. genBSDF will then create a BSDF for this combined assembly. Pretty much everything that you have asked till now has likely been explained in the genBSDF tutorial.