BSDF material_light pipe

hi there
i want to simulate a lightpipe in honeybee using three phase simulation method and i need a bsdf file for the lenses or laiser cut surfaces in the lightpipe but i dont know how to generate a bsdf file…
i know it can be generated with window lbnl and radiance but i didnt find any lense or laser cut surface in window library and also i dont know much about radiance scripts and codes
can you show me an easy way to find or generate a bsdf file?
should i go and learn radiance completely?

Have a look to this and this

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thankyou for your answer but i didnt find a new way…i couldn’t find bsdf file for laiser cut surfaces or lenses in libraries and sotfware that is suggested to find or generate “.xml” files
and also the toturial for the genbsdf.exe for radiance assumes that a user knows how to create model of system in RADIANCE or MGF format

You can use Honeybee to generate the radiance input files for your system. Once you have the input files then genbsdf is your friend!

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thanks @Mostapha…i could model a prismatic surface using honeybee and export geometry and material .rad file and use genbsdf.exe via command prompt to generate a bsdf file
my question is that the materials to model a prism or lense must be dielectric? and is my process right or i should just use genprism.exe to generate a prismatic surface?

I think you should send this question to Radiance mailing list. I personally haven’t modeled prism before to know which approach is better. You can join the mailing list here here:

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