BSDF Viewer error

Hi everyone,

I am trying to simulate a perforated screen with circular holes on it. I have generated the *xml file from Window7.7 but when I tried to preview it in BSDFV this happens, only shows a small portion of the Klems hemisphere.
I am not sure where the mistake is.Perforated screen circle.xml (138.2 KB)


Hi @Julioamodia89,

You have generated a Quarter Klems-basis BSDF. If you try to view it here, you will get a warning message that it only supports Full Klems-basis. To generate a Full Klems-basis BSDF in WINDOW go to File > Preferences > Optical Calcs, and change “Angular basis” to W6 standard basis.


It worked, thank you @mikkel.

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