Bug In add HB Glazing

Hi, I tried to model a window shade venetian blind which can be lowered and rised. However, in honeybee it is not possible because when using ep window shade the window area is also changed. So, I tried to seperate the window to 5 parts but when I tried to add them to HB zone from surface it said that the zone is not closed volum, this is because it has overlaping wall when add them from several window shade generator component. The file is attached.

inti_v18.gh (659.0 KB)

Hi @aishanuraaa,

You forgot the disconnect as you can see in image, i added my .gh file, it works.

inti_v18_OK.gh (661.7 KB)


hello, thanks for your reply. But if you disconnect, i will only have 1/5 window area not all window.

Hello @aishanuraaa,

Please Check if this is what you need.


inti_v18_revised.gh (598.9 KB)

Wow, that’s really a good idea. If I made the window on each wall partition full to the edge it will not work right? Because it will not be recognized as window but a door.
So this seems the only way to make it possible?

That´s right. Windows should always be fully contained indside a wall, otherwise energyplus gets confused. It shouldn´t make much difference in your simulation though. You will probably have framing in the window anyway.

Okay thank you so much